Electronic Music Innovations

Abelton Live:

Abelton Live is a DAW that has a very different work flow than that of ProTools or Logic. Abelton uses a series of pre recorded loops that can be miss matched on the fly by using a horizontal orchestration process. This has it’s strengths and also it’s weaknesses. One of the positive attributes is that Abelton lines up the loops for you so that they playback together perfectly with no timing issues. However, due to this process, the tempo is set. Meaning in order for your song to have tempo changes, you must manually change it due to Abelton not being based on a liner format. But looking past this small detail Abelton brings something to the table that just leaves DAWs like Protools and Logic in the dust and that is the live performance thus giving it the name Abelton Live. Being based on the production of Electronic music, which mostly consists of a 4/4 time signature, you are now able to take your songs and apply them in a live performance because you are able to trigger sections of your songs making electronic dance music a breeze. You can not only trigger sections of your songs on the fly but also miss match instrument loops so that you can forever evolve turning a three-minute song into a twenty-minute dance extravaganza. This may be the reason that Ableton is still often confused with DJ software, but due to it’s beat matching capabilities, it has become one of the most vastly used DAW for live DJing. Ableton also has an extensive library of instruments and drums giving users endless possibilities. Take it a step further with a variety of Control Surfaces. Ableton Push being a popular one. Push allows you to create music by record, sequence, mix, trigger, and perform without having to touch a mouse or key at all.


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