Before writing and releasing Revolver, the Beatles had written many records that used a very different writing process. With Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Harrison writing songs, and then just putting them together to make a record.  Revolver on the other hand was a completely different experience for the Beatles, being more of a combined effort bringing many ideas and meaning to the table.  The influences that gave birth to Revolver was India for George, Art for McCartney, and LSD for Lennon of coarse.  While all were influences contributed to the overall sound, the musically disconnected influence was most likely the LSD. Thank you to John Lennon.  Even though LSD isn’t as thought provoking or even relevant to music like that of India or Art, you can’t deny it’s major contribution to their over all sound? “Abracadabra”, the article by Ray Newman, tells of Lennon’s experiences while using LSD and how while on the drug greatly impacted his writing. Songs such as “I’m only sleeping” where Lennon expressions show how he relates to LSD users and trance-like state the drug puts you in.  Along with it’s influences, the instruments and production style adds to the carious sound of Revolver. The Indian side of the album really comes to live with the use of instruments such as Sitars, traditional Indian flutes, and drums.  Also in the article “Abracadabra”, engineer Norman Smith is quoted talking about recording the Sitar, as the instrument resonated and was tuned so strangely that it peaked all over the place with Harrison’s playing since he was not particularly knowledgeable about the instrument, making it extremely difficult to record. An example of the Sitar playing can be heard on the song, “Norwegian Wood”, which was also written by John Lennon.  Other than the wide range of instruments, the production on Revolver was by far ahead of its time.  Songs such as, “I’m only sleeping” used backwards tape effects and manipulated vocals. “Paperback Writer,” the bass was recorded using a bass speaker as a microphone.  It was other innovative techniques like these that were used in the making of Revolver and gave it the sound of something new and different, but still similar to Rubber Souls.


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