Grammy Part 1

Heavy Metal is and always has been a underdog that often times is swept under the rug.   Despite its level of difficult melodic runs and fast paced back beats, heavy metal hasn’t always been a shoe in for the Grammy’s.   According to the, “Past Winner Search” document, metal has only had 3 actual awards given since 1958, to 2012. These awards include Hard Rock/Metal awarded to Jethro Tull in 1988, Metal Performance to Metallica in 1989, and Hard Rock/Metal Performance to Foo Fighters in 2011.  Not only are these awards vague, but two of the three were awarded to what would be more considered alternative hard rock rather than actual metal. If you take the currentin account with all the sub genres that have derived from heavy metal.  In the Late 90’s Nü metal arrived on the scene. Nü metal bands include Slipknot, Korn, In Love and Death, and many more. This genre pays tribute to bands that revolutionized sounds, waker make-up, and stage performances. Nü metal has won its Grammy’s as well, Korn being the earliest in 2002 with best metal performance for the song, “Here to Stay”. Progressive Metal, being another sub-genre out of the heavy metal roots, would bring pioneers such as Meshuggah and Dream Theater. Rush, although more rock than actual metal, was also extremely influential with progressive rock acts such as Tool.   Periphery, and the Veil of maya being some of the more recent heavy hitters, came on to the metal scene with double dropped tunings and odd-metered drums, facilitating their listeners with a texture that they have never felt before.  Many of the bands just mentioned however have not won a Grammy and Dream Theater has only more recently been nominated for one.  Who knows, in a matter of years perhaps these bands will finally get the recognition they may or may not be waiting for.


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