Grammys Part II

In 1959, Frank Sinatra won album of the year with his record, “Come Dance With Me”.  In 1987, U2 won the same award for their album, “the Joshua Tree.”  Both albums are classics, both albums were appropriate for their era, and yet very different in their production, genre, and theme. Frank Sinatra sang a big band style in a jazz genre, which was still the dominant style at the time.  U2 had a new age/alternative vibe, which just like the Sinatra album, was the dominate style in the late 80’s to early 90’s.  Both artists shaped the industry, as Sinatra and his use of appearances in movies and collaborative efforts with other artists and The Rat Pack.  U2 shaped the touring world with their 360 tour back in 2011.  It is still considered one of the highest grossing tours today. While there was no producer award for 1959, Dave Cavanaugh would had been a shoe in for his work producing on the Sinatra album.  For an album to win album of the year, it has to be better than everything else out at the time and take producing to the next level. So, it would only be practical for the producer of that album to win the award for producer of the year.  U2’s producer for The Joshua Tree did not win producer of the year in 1987, instead the award was given to Narada Michael Walden, Aretha Franklin’s producer.  Although they did not win U2 producers, Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois had been nominated.  Had they won, it would have only been more of a highlight to the fact that the album was in all aspects as iconic as any album to previously win album of the year. Even though they did not get the recognition that I feel like they deserve U2’s production is still a standard that is up held today.


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