Being one of the first solely electronic acts in the music industry, Kraftwerk exploded onto the scene in the early 1970’s and paved the way for many to follow becoming one of the most iconic electronic music groups of all time. Kraftwerk had many ideas and influences behind their work, the majority being a tie to their homeland and American pop music such as the Beach Boys. Although Kraftwerk had many other influences that often they would express in small jokes such at the theme of Radio-activity whose title suggest nuclear technology going hand in hand with radio broadcasting. Kraftwerk most likely had such a large impact on the electronic music due to their music being created only with the use of synthesizers and home-made drum machines. But what would gain them popularity would overall be the themes and ideas behind each album. Each album had its own element ranging from driving on the Autobahn to themes about Germany and Europe which would become an over all them of German artist found within Kraftwerk’s inner circle of friends. For being an entirely electronic act, and being the pioneers of electronic music, Kraftwerk’s production quality had surpass most others in the early 1970’s. With instrumentals ranging from arpeggiations, synthesizers, virtual instruments, and with the help of Kraftwerk’s arrangements the would become in a league of their own while they developed their futuristic sound. Even though Kraftwerk went through many line up changes, Kraftwerk was able to put out many iconic albums including: Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans-Europe Express, and The Man-Machine which were all released in the early 1970’s during the prime of Kraftwerk. Later releases included: Computer World in 1981, Electric Café in 1986 and in 2003 with the even more popular Tour De France Soundtracks. As an avid EDM listener, understanding that Kraftwerk was ahead of their time impacted me in realizing how advanced and how progressive Kraftwerk’s sound and arrangements were. Today, you can’t listen to EDM without hearing one of Kraftwerk innovative discoveries. As an industry professional, understanding how they took such primitive synthesizers, home-made machines and used them to make such quality music and sounds take the technology available today and inspires you to take it to the limit.


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